How to Say Friend In Different languages International Friendship Day

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With the intervention of social media into our life , we have friends from different state, countries , etc . As you all know there various numbers of languages spoken in different countries . We have lots of friends from other nations , most all the time we use translator to talk to them and yes English is always a good medium to talk to foreign people who know English . What if they don’t understand English ? Like if they are from countries like japan , Arab . That’s why we have collected today the list where you will get to know how to say friends in different languages   .

Friendship Day 2013.

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Translate Friend in Different languages – International Friendship Day

Albanian — mik

Afrikaans – vriend

Bulgarian- prijatel

Dutch – vriend, vriendje

Danish – ven

French – ami for a male and amie for a female

German – freund

Georgian – megobari

Indian – dost

Italian – amico

Irish – cara

Japanese — tomodachi

korean — jingu

Latin — amicus

Manx — carrey

Old English — freond, wine

Persian — dust

Russian — drug

Sanskrit — mitra

Spanish — amigo

Swahili — rafiki

Turkish — dost,arkadas

portuguese: amigo

catalanian: amic

denish: ven

norwegian: venn

romanian: prieten

czech: kamarád

chinese – peng you

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Now you can greet your friends belonging to other nations in their own language . Surprise them and see their reaction .Check out our website for friendship day quotes, wishes and greetings .

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