Freiendship day Bracelets & Bands For Friendship day 2013

Friendship day is about to come in few weeks .The day which is celebrated for friends and comes only once a year . On this auspicious day we meet all of our friends and greet them . This is the time when we forget all our past fights and reunite with them .What we did in past – we used to send our friends a simple text message stating Happy Friendship day, roam with them to different place and have fun . What we do today – we greet them, plus we tie a friendship day band / bracelet to their wrist and say this is the mark of our friendship, and yes we party with them . So in total this is a joyous time for all of us .

friendship day bands

What Exactly are Friendship Bracelets / bands : History ?

i don’t know who introduced the friendship bands , but one thing is confirmed that these things were introduced by the cards industry .Do you know Friendship day was introduced by Hallmark card company ? It was first celebrated in 1958 and from that year this day has been celebrated all over the years .

The Friendship bands are basically tied to each other hand’s wrist to markup the endless friendship line . It is a symbol of friendship and usually made of  embroidery floss or thread . They looks good and yes they are cheaper than Cards which we usually buy for our friends .

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Friendship bands

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Where i can get Nice looking Friendship Bracelets Online ?

There are lots of sites through which you can buy friendship bands online , i personally like one site as delivery is fast and you can get the best designs on the bands .


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Happy Friendship Day!

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